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The Ultimate Anti-Gift Guide Gift Guide

The holidays make people feel so many different things, mostly good feelings but sometimes not so great ones… Especially when it comes to gifting (even more so when it comes to the procrastinators (hi) trying to find last-minute gifts that don’t feel like last-minute gifts). There are SO MANY gift guides out there specific to…

The Coffee Table Books You Need to Buy Right Now

Let’s chat books… Sure, novels are great – who doesn’t love a good story every once in a while – but there is nothing quite like flipping through a really good coffee table book. Here’s a roundup of my absolute favorite coffee table books that bring me inspiration and joy. Modern Residences Every single interior…

All Things: The Best Checkered Products of 2021 (So Far)

We all know checkered floors are having a big moment in the spotlight right now, and I know I wrote all about it not too long ago, but sorry-not-sorry… I am checkered obsessed. If you aren’t committed to dedicating an entire room to the checkered look with your floors, I rounded up some of my…

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