The Ultimate Anti-Gift Guide Gift Guide

The holidays make people feel so many different things, mostly good feelings but sometimes not so great ones… Especially when it comes to gifting (even more so when it comes to the procrastinators (hi) trying to find last-minute gifts that don’t feel like last-minute gifts).

There are SO MANY gift guides out there specific to every type of person in your life and honestly, looking at a million and one different lists for different people overwhelms me… So instead of making a ‘for her’ / ‘for coworkers’ / ‘for friends’ list of gift guides, I compiled a list of a bunch of cool sh*t that you can gift to basically anyone!

I hope you find something on here that’s perfect for someone in your life – even if that person is you!

We love adding some personality to our spaces and this Cemi Lamp by That Cool Living is unbelievably cute and comes in three different collors to fit your aesthetic. Another stunner is the Tierra End Grain Wood Floor Lamp by Crate & Barrel that features a burl wood base that is to-die-for. Then there is the Dune Chair by Palermo House that is an amazing all-grown-up version of a beanbag in my opinion.

Some initimates and comfy-cozies for your sister, girlfriend, best friend, or yourself like this Party Pajama Set by Sleeper – I am so obsessed, I ordered a pair for myself (they’re having an up to 30% off sale right now!) to wear while getting ready at my wedding next year. I have always had The Balconette by Cuup on my personal wishlist and I haven’t ordered quite yet but it would make the perfect gift for a lover! This Fleece Sweatpant and Sweatshirt by MATE is perfect for… ANYONE, literally. They have the best basics for men, women, and kids in lots of neutrals and fun colors.

I love all things Dusen Dusen and the love continues for these pretty Oven Mitts they added to their colection – they have three color options! I’ve been eyeing these Shearling Baba Slippers by Sabah for a loooooong time (they come in so many different colors) I am jealous of anyone that gets these this year. I got lots of DMs asking about the Ella rainboots when I posted them on stories the other day – Bottega Veneta who?

I admittedly have not used any of these beauty products but I am hoping to find them all in my stocking this year. I fell for the Simihaze Velvet Blur Matte Lip Balm immediately when I saw their unique branding and packaging. The Frownies Wrinkle Patches are a safe and non-invasive option for fine lines – they offer patches for virtually every part of your face. I love freckles and have always wanted to try out one of these Freckle Pens by Freck.

A few more beauty products that I have had my eyes on… The Smoothing Set by Soft Services is all bundled up in a cute branded bag AKA no wrapping required. Loops offers the coolest masks for all different skin types and uses, plus this holiday bundle comes with a Jade Facial Roller as well. REFY offers a collection of brow specific products that help tame, fill in, and make your brows look amazing (I desperately need this because lately brown maintenance has gone totally out the window in my life lol).

The air in Maine gets so dry throughout the winter months so this Humidifier by Canopy is at the top of my list this year, it’s also one of the ‘cleanest’ humidifiers on the market – and it comes with an option to diffuse oil while it runs as well! A tried and true staple in our kitchen is our beloved Scrub Mommy, seriously I love it so much, and now they offer a neutral/dye-free option. There are so many air purifiers out there and I would join the argument that the ones offered by Molekule are the absolute BEST – and right now they are 50% off which is insane because they definitely are on the pricier side.

One of my favorite finds from this year is the company Indisposable, you ship them your disposable camera, create an account on their app and they develop your film and send it straight to your account so you have almost immedate (3-4 days vs. 3-4 weeks when you bring it to a CVS to get it developed) access to your photos and you can post/print the ones you want! This Happy Waves Poster is just so cute and I’ve had it bookmarked for so long – maybe you have the perfect space for it in your home! There is definitely a luggage hierarchy and Paravel is at the very top IMO.

These last few items are just for good measure… These shorts are so cool and make you do a double take lol. I love these Slip-On Sneakers but they are sold out of my size, so someone get them and live my fluffy-foot dream please. This Coat at Free People just screams cozy.

A little something for everyone, right? Oddly, I love gifting and coming up with gifts for friends and family but when it comes to someone asking what I want… I never know what to say! Hopefully this helped any of your procrastinators find a gift for someone you couldn’t quite come up with on your own.


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