The Coffee Table Books You Need to Buy Right Now

Let’s chat books… Sure, novels are great – who doesn’t love a good story every once in a while – but there is nothing quite like flipping through a really good coffee table book. Here’s a roundup of my absolute favorite coffee table books that bring me inspiration and joy.

Modern Residences

Every single interior that I dream of at night is in this book… Minimal, extremely cool, artfully crafted spaces, architectural masterpieces fill the pages. I know my home will never look like these spaces (I have way too many animals to keep a beautifully clean and simple home, haha!) but that doesn’t stop me from flipping through for some inspiration.

Upstate: Living Spaces with Space to Live

Also a book I bought solely based on the cover, but the pages are even better showcasing natural light, clean lines, unexpected art + furniture pieces, and marrying them all together to make an attainable (yet dream-like) home.

The best coffee table books you need to go out and buy right now.

Interior Voyages

This book takes you on an interior journey around the world. I totally judged this book by the cover when I got it, and it did not disappoint.

Wanderlust Europe: The Great European Hike

I am sure we all can agree that traveling (specially internationally) has been few-and-far-between over the past year… This book will transport you to the most jaw-dropping landscapes that Europe has to offer. My copy is full of post-its marking all the pages of places I need to visit once we are able.

Mountain View: The Perfect Holiday Homes

Similar to the Wanderlust Europe book on this list… I am selfishly obsessed with this book because it makes me feel like I went on a vacation and stayed in the coolest of cabins (very luxury cabins lol) and homes while I enjoyed views of a lifetime.

Beata Heuman: Every Room Should Sing

I haven’t gotten my hands on this one yet, but I will soon! This one just dropped not too long ago and it is getting all the praises. Beata is an interior genius and knows exactly how to make any room feel special in all the right ways.

Evocative Style by Kelly Wearstler

Besides the fact that I want to be Kelly (an absolute force in the interior world + a fashion queen) when I grow up… The pages of this one are filled to the brim with unconventional, out-of-this-world good spaces. Basically, I want to live in this book.

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