All Things: The Best Checkered Products of 2021 (So Far)

We all know checkered floors are having a big moment in the spotlight right now, and I know I wrote all about it not too long ago, but sorry-not-sorry… I am checkered obsessed. If you aren’t committed to dedicating an entire room to the checkered look with your floors, I rounded up some of my favorite household (and style) pieces that feature the checkerboard pattern and are perfect to add to your life + home!

The Dusen Dusen x Areaware Tissue Box is a colorful and fun way to proudly display that tissue box that is usually hidden away in the corner. Plus, it has all my favorite elements – stripes, checks, faces, and happy colors.

Speaking of dreamy… These Society of Wanderers Sheet Sets are so whimsical to me. You may call them gingham (and you may be right) but they are so delicately checkered nonetheless and are at the top of my wishlist.

Hello spring, meet to the perfect warm weather sandal. With its slightly platform bottom, heel strap, and that checkered pattern, Aloha’s Marshmallow Scacchi Sandals are simple, stylish, and basically perfect in ever way possible.

I found this new-to-me company while on the search for the best comb to throw in my bag when I’m heading out and actually did my hair and want to keep it cute throughout the day. I found the Machete Hair Comb and it is the ideal size (they do offer other types and full size combs too!) and after finding the combs, I went on to find this simple and practical Apple Watch Band that I need to order immediately.

With the cutest patterns and color palette to ever be printed on anything, Baggu Reusable Bags (they have every size, perfect for anything and everything) are a staple in our house and in these times, so are the Baggu Masks. I honestly get compliments from the cashier at the grocery store every time I remember to bring and use these bags!

In our Checkered Floors: Trendy or Timeless post we featured this Benisouk Dama – Beni Ourain Checkered Rug as a perfect way to bring that sought-after look into your home in a budget-friendly and temporary way. Before adding our peel and stick checkered flooring in the sunroom, this rug was the first option on my list!

I have been eyeing these Chunks Hair Clips for so long – both the Large Claw and the Cecile Clips are so cute! They also have a bunch of non-checkered clips and other accessories in the best colors that are so perfect for this spring.

I know it’s not revolutionary but these Checkerboard Slip-On Vans are a tried and true favorite of me (and a basically every single other person, ever) and rightfully so! I love a good black + white check but the green and tan styles bring a nice refresh to a true classic.

Now that we are no longer wearing skinny jeans, we can start wearing fun socks and these check all the boxes, literally… lol. Allow me to introduce you to Socksss (Pebble Beach), the absolute coolest socks in the game. And, I won’t lie the stripes they offer are even better.

I’d be lying if I said I love playing chess or checkers and that’s why I added this to the list, so I won’t pretend I would ever use this on my own accord… But, you can’t deny the color scheme on this 2-in-1 Chess + Checkers Set is so dreamy and would make a cute feature piece on a table, or a functional piece in a kid’s playroom!

We are so check-obsessed that the obsession has even made it to our manicures. The ManiMe Crossword give you a gel manicure, at home, without any polish or mess. Currently growing my nails out as I type this so I can put these on and allow them to bask in all their beautiful glory.

Is there such thing as too much check? Probably, but I don’t care because I love it and if you made it this far that means you love it too! (:

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