hi – i’m mary…

Nice to meet you!

I am so excited to launch Old New Space and have my own little space on the internet where I can share all the things, places, people (and whatever else) makes me happy with all of you!

I live in Maine with my boyfriend, our three dogs, our cat, and a bunch of chickens – I’m sure you will be seeing them around here at some point. Or if you follow me on Instagram, you will definitely being seeing a lot of them – as well as all of the other in-betweens of our life that probably won’t get a full-spread feature here on the site.

Old New Space will evolve over time and I am not entirely sure what will live on here, but you can expect everything from interiors, architecture, and home decor to style, pets, my favorite things and everything else that I find joy in sharing with you all.

Wherever this site goes and whatever it inevitably evolves into, I’m just happy you are here to be part of it! (:

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